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2011-11-02 05:05 pm

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Do you like Harry Potter?

Join [livejournal.com profile] potter_land!

You choose a team; Helga, Salazar, Rowena or Godric.

Then you have lots of fun, play interesting and easy games and meet cool people who love Harry Potter as much as you do!

If you join tell them [livejournal.com profile] lotrangel17 of Team Helga sent you :)

(last promo - promise, lol)
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2011-11-02 04:29 pm
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Made by [livejournal.com profile] seraphina_snape

Do you like Criminal Minds?

Do you like puzzles, bingo, drabble challenges or graphic challenges?

Do you like making new friends who have similar interests to you?

If so, you should join [livejournal.com profile] crimeland!

[livejournal.com profile] crimeland is a Criminal Minds "land comm" or challenge community. Basically you join one of four teams (Garcia, JJ, Morgan, Reid) and then you participate in different challenges to earn points for your team. I'm a member of Team Reid (of course!) so I urge you to try to join that team if you can! You put your team preferences in order and the mods will try to give you your first preference. When you join, please put me ([livejournal.com profile] lotrangel17 of Team Reid) as your referrer. Thanks!

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2011-09-27 01:32 pm

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Can't get enough NCIS and NCIS:LA come join [livejournal.com profile] ncis_verse

There are weekly activities like puzzles, writing and even graphics activities.
There is even an activity where all you have to do is guess who you think will be the last person to speak on each new episode.

It's really fun and Case Three is just starting so there's plenty of time!

Apply here for Team Bullpen, Team Morgue or Team Lab.

I'm on Team Bullpen if you want to join me there :)

(Sorry to those of you who are seeing this a few times other places)
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2011-07-08 10:24 am


Just joined another land community: Whedonland


If you like the shows of Josh Whedon check out the community and join a team - you can choose from Angel, Buffy, Dollhouse and Firefly.

APOCALYPSE the 9th just started on July 1st so you have time to do the first activity (Pimp out which is what I'm doing here, lol)

I'm on team Angel and all teams are open right now.
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2009-05-20 11:26 am

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Just saying Hi and I'm gonna get into this dreamwidth once I get all moved in.

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2006-11-01 08:00 am
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